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Dreaming of a trip to Iran? Zahedan has everything you need for a great holiday. Better still, visiting and staying in Zahedan doesn't need to cost you the world. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, so you can spend a little …

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omid Nejati
omid NejatiTehran

The city's old name "Dzdab" is. At the time of Reza Shah to the "University" was modified. Zahedan and warm weather most days of the year is temperate. The only city in the summer nights get cold weather approach Zahedan is possible because immigration is a variety of locations. Zahedan is the following crafts: Embroidered mirror. Embroidered coin. Baluchi needlework. Carpet.

Hossein Mahani
Hossein MahaniKerman

زاهدان شهر مهمی در شرق ایران است اما به آن بسیار کم توجهی شده است. این شهر پتانسیل زیادی دارد. هم برای گردشگری و کویر نوردی و آثار باستانی و هم برای اهداف صنعتی از قبیل تولید برق با باد و یا نور خورشید.


رضا احمدی
رضا احمدی