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Far out in the Great Thar Desert and bordered to its immediate west by Pakistan, Jaisalmer is the last major outpost in the state of Rajasthan , nicknamed the 'Golden City' for its striking yellow sandstone Jaisalmer Fort and desert ambiance. Immensely popular as a starting point for overnight camel …

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El Toñio | FlickrJaisalmer Fort
Jaisalmer Fort
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Camel Trekking Jaisalmer
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Thar Desert

Reviews of Jaisalmer

Adukuri Rao
Adukuri RaoHyderabad

This is a lovely garden restaurant called Desert Boys Dani in Jaisalmer. There is Rajasthani food and exquisite live music and dance. You get a taste of the local cuisine and the rich folk music and dance Rajasthan is well known for.

Travis Katz
Travis KatzMenlo Park

Rising up out of the golden sands of the Rajasthani desert, Jaiselmer is a step back in time. Think arabian nights, with narrow, winding streets, ancient fortresses, camels and men in brightly colored turbans. Jaisalmer is romantic and unforgettable. PS - met my future wife here. You can book a camel safari in the desert from here. Make sure to stay in the ancient fort.

Stephen Bugno
Stephen BugnoAnchorage

Undoubtedly a cool city in the sense that the old fort/city rises up dramatically out of the desert. But I was kind of disappointed that the people there were among the least friendly in India. Furthermore it feels more like a tourist city than a living city. Still the architecture is interesting and you can make trips out into the desert from here.

Matthew Crompton
Matthew CromptonSydney

Desert-tinged, dusty, dusky, Jaisalmer is the westernmost landlocked outpost in India. A yellow sandstone fort looming out of the desert like a fantasy castle, the town has some of the nicest people in the whole of India, and makes a perfect base for a camel trip out into the desert to sleep on dunes beneath the stars -- a cliche experience, sure, but one of life's most memorable experiences as well. It's out on the edge of the map, but more than worth the journey. Best of all, the Delhi Express will run you right back to the capital overnight when you've had your fill.

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