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On the southwest coast of Cyprus lies the district of Paphos, with the capital city by the same name. Dating back to the Neolithic period, Paphos was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980 due to its archeological remains of villas, fortresses, theatres and palaces. It is the birthplace …

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Reviews of Paphos

Julia Whitby
Julia Whitby

You should stay at the Louis Phaethon hotel in Paphos. Absolutely fantastic, friendly staff, great atmosphere, something happening everyday, competitions, sports, or just chilling at the pool. Paphos is a great area with lots to do.

Julie McIntyre
Julie McIntyreUnited States

Paphos is a superb area to visit, whether to relax at the numerous bars in the harbour or to view the exhibits in the archeological museum. Don't miss the old town on the hill, there's even a lift from the car park. Wander in the shade of the narrow streets around the agora (market). Very atmospheric with wonderful views over Paphos town.

Craig Bond
Craig BondPlymouth

Very hot at Easter time but well worth the visit. Many attractions the visit and everything is within a couple of hours drive. Worth while buying a local guide book as it takes you through the back streets and off the beaten track. Food is excellent too and reasonable too. Many dishes in set meals so you have to pace yourself. Beaches are clean and the people are friendly too. Want to go back.

Veronica Cox
Veronica CoxColchester

Paphos on the west coast of Cyprus is a wonderful place. It is one of the nicest, most laid-back places I have visited for a long time. I have spent many happy holidays in Paphos. The coast and countryside is very scenic and steeped in history and legend. Plenty of gorgeous beaches and places to shop, eat and have a night out.You can have a quite or lively holiday. There are plenty of "Travel Agencies" which you can use to book day trips to all parts of Cyprus and further afield. There are also plenty of good hotels to stay at, or self-catering, if you prefer.

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