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Dreaming of a trip to Australia? Rottnest Island has everything you need for a great holiday. You could visit Little Salmon Bay, or how about spending an afternoon at Geordie Bay? Better still, it doesn't need to cost you the world. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to …

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Where to stay in Rottnest Island

Whatever your travelling style, we can help find you the perfect place to stay. From luxurious hotels to practical apartments, these are our most popular places in Rottnest Island, according to other travellers.

Things to see and do in Rottnest Island

Chris Punter | Trip by SkyscannerLittle Salmon Bay
Little Salmon Bay
Jonathan Goddard | Trip by SkyscannerGeordie Bay
Geordie Bay
Jonathan Goddard | Trip by SkyscannerParakeet Bay
Parakeet Bay
Jonathan Goddard | Trip by SkyscannerPinky Beach
Pinky Beach

Reviews of Rottnest Island

Mikaela Sanderson
Mikaela SandersonBrisbane

Rottnest Island is the perfect day trip, ferries leaving from Fremantle and is accessible from Perth. The Island is full of friendly quokkas (wallaby like animals). Although you cannot touch or feed the quokkas they are adorable to look at. There is a bus that drives around part of the island however, the best way to see the the island is by bike! Full of amazing bays and sights such as lighthouses and natural salt lakes. There are accommodation options on the Island as well if you would like a longer stay.

Robert Schrader
Robert SchraderBangkok

One word: Quokkas! To be fair, the beaches and scenery here would be fabulous without them, but if I'm not mistaken, this is the only place in Australia (and thus on Earth) where you can see these pint-sized marsupials.

Jonathan Goddard
Jonathan GoddardCambridge

Rottnest is a beautiful and unique island, 30 minutes’ ferry ride from Fremantle. It’s home to the quokka, a very gentle and sweet-natured marsupial that is only found on this one island. Rottnest has absolutely amazing beaches and some good snorkelling, although the water is cold. We hired bikes and spent an unforgettable day cycling through wonderful scenery.

Exectoursbkk Auswathai
Exectoursbkk AuswathaiBangkok

visited 2nd time this year so I better record my experience. The ferry ride over can be horrific with bad weather otherwise one here it's a little paradise, very basic settlement and the little cute local creatures called Quokka are like small kangaroos so sute, hire a bike and ride around the island and swim in the mean beaches around the island

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