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Perth departures information

Perth Airport has four terminals, divided into two separate precincts. Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are bunched together, around 7 miles away from terminals 3 and 4. The T3/T4 precinct is 7.5 miles from the city, while the T1/T2 precinct is farther away, around 11 miles from Perth. A free shuttle service connects the two precincts.

Terminal 1 is used for international and domestic flights, while the other three deal solely with domestic journeys.

Checking in for international flights

All international flights take off from and land at Terminal 1. The check-in desks are found on the ground floor, in the centre and to the left-hand side of the terminal.

Security screening is upstairs on level one, with departure gates and lounges on level two.

The majority of the shops and restaurants in the terminal are found on level one, before going through security.

Level three has a public observation area for those who want to see loved ones take off.

Checking in for domestic flights

Terminal 1 also has eight gates set aside for domestic flights, and check-in desks can be found on the far left of the ground floor. Departure gates are one level up, along with the chance to grab a bite to eat or buy a last minute souvenir.

Terminal 2 is set up on just a single level. The check-in hall is to the left as you enter the terminal, with lounges, a cafe and a newsagent, and a link to Terminal 1 found after security.

Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 share a two-storey building. T4 check-ins are to the left of this building, T3 to the right. For both terminals, the passenger screening area is to the left of the check-in area.

Flights leave from the upper level, which has a walkway connecting the two areas. The majority of shops, cafes and restaurants can be found on the T3 side of the building.

Perth arrivals information

International arrivals enter Terminal 1 on level one, with a concourse directing passengers to the Australian Border Forces. Once clear, travellers must move downstairs to collect their luggage and pass through customs. Those looking to hire a car from Perth Airport must turn left once they've gone through customs.

Passengers on domestic journeys that land at T1 must walk past all the domestic gates and then turn right to pick up their luggage.

Arrivals into T2 walk a short distance to reach the arrivals hall, then turn left for baggage carousels and car hire counters.

In T3/T4, the baggage reclaim area is found on the ground floor. Car rental kiosks are found on the far left as you face the exits, beyond the check-in hall for T3.

Pick up and drop off at Perth Airport

Each terminal has clearly marked lanes for vehicles dropping off or picking up passengers at Perth Airport. Like with all airports in Australia, the driver must remain with their vehicle at all times. A two-minute limit is placed on all vehicles in this area.

Any driver who flaunts these rules is subject to a fine and the possibility of their car being towed away.

If you arrive at the airport with a bit of time to spare, there are two Park & Wait areas available. These are accessed with a gold coin donation, with all money collected going to children's charities.

There are two of these parking lots available: one on Horrie Miller Drive for those going to T1 or T2, the other on Dunreath Drive.

There are two public viewing areas at the airport. One is found inside Terminal 1, on the third floor. The second is outside the airport, found on Dunreath Drive by the parking lot.

Where should I park at Perth Airport?

Both precincts at Perth Airport have the option of short-term and long-term parking. In both instances, the short-term car parks are closer to the terminals, however the long-term parking lots have their benefits too.

The short-term car park is free for the first 10 minutes, but charges are made at regular intervals after that time is up. For an hour you're looking at $11, four hours is $20.60 and 8-24 hours is $46.50. For 6-7 days, drivers are charged $294.

In the long-term car park, the minimum charge is for a full day, which costs $25. A whole week costs $119.

Prices are the same at both the T1/T2 precinct and the T3/T4 precinct.

T3/T4 has another parking option: Fast Track. Just a minute's walk from the terminals, this area has wider bays in a very convenient location. There's a $19 fee to use this lot for up to two hours and a $59.50 charge for 2-24 hours. If you stay 6-7 days, your bill will be $310.

How to get to and from Perth Airport

Perth Airport is located 7.5 miles east of the city, an easy drive, bus ride or shuttle service away.

Perth by car

The most direct route to the CBD is by taking National Highway 94 west from the airport. After three miles on this road, take the loop on the left-hand side to go onto State Route 8 heading north. This road crosses the Swan River and leads into Newcastle Street, which gives access to the northern suburbs of Perth.

This trip in a taxi is likely to cost around $30.

Perth by bus

Bus route 380 connects the T1/T2 precinct with the city centre and a few other transport hubs along the way. The route ends at Elizabeth Quay Bus Station, but also stops at Victoria Park, Burswood and Belmont Forum Shopping Centre.

For travellers at the T3/T4 precinct, bus route 40 goes from the airport to Elizabeth Quay Bus Station in the southern section of the CBD.

Perth by shuttle

As well as a number of hotels in Perth offering direct shuttle services, the Connect Shuttle Bus can be boarded at T3. A free shuttle service connects the T1/T2 precinct to T3.

This service stops at five locations in the city centre, close to much of the accommodation. These stops are East Perth train station, Beaufort Street, Wellington Street, The Kings Perth Hotel and Adelaide Terrace.

Tickets cost $15 and can be bought from the driver. The trip into the city takes roughly 15 minutes.

Please note: all information is correct as of October, 2016.