Airports in the world

You will find below information about airports around the world. Click on the links below to read detailed information about airports around the world: locations, routes, live departures and arrivals etc.

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All airports



All airports

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Maastricht airportMende airport
Mabuiag Island airportMendeleyevo airport
Macapa airportMendi (Papua New Guinea) airport
Macas airportMendoza airport
Macau (Macau) airportMenongue airport
Maceio airportMenorca airport
Mackay airportMerauke airport
Maconacon airportMerced Municipal Arpt airport
Mactan-Cebu International airportMerida (Mexico) airport
Madang airportMeridian airport
Madeira airportMerimbula airport
Madinah airportMersa Matruh airport
Madison (United States) airportMerzifon airport
Madrid airportMetlakatla airport
Madurai airportMetz / Nancy Lorraine airport
Mae Hong Son airportMeulaboh airport
Mae Sot (Tak) airportMexicali airport
Maewo airportMexico City Juarez International airport
Mafia airportMfuwe airport
Magadan airportMiami International airport
Magan airportMiami SPB airport
Magas airportMian Yang airport
Magnitogorsk airportMiddlemount airport
Mahe Island airportMidland airport
Maiduguri airportMidland Odessa Regional airport
Maijishan airportMilan Bergamo airport
Maimana airportMilan Linate airport
Majunga airportMilan Malpensa airport
Majuro airportMilanau airport
Makabana airportMildura airport
Makale airportMiles Aerodrome airport
Makassar airportMilingimbi airport
Makemo airportMilos airport
Makhachkala airportMilwaukee General Mitchell airport
Makkovik airportMinatitlan airport
Makung airportMineralnye Vody airport
Malabo airportMinna airport
Malacca airportMinneapolis St Paul airport
Malaga airportMinneriya airport
Malang airportMinot International airport
Malatya airportMinsk International 2 airport
Malindi airportMinto airport
Malmo Sturup airportMiri airport
Mammoth Lakes airportMirny airport
Mamuju airportMisawa airport
Man airportMisima Island airport
Manado airportMiskolc airport
Managua airportMissoula airport
Manang airportMisurata airport
Manaus airportMitu airport
Manchester (United States) airportMiyako Jima airport
Manchester (United Kingdom) airportMiyazaki airport
Mandalay airportMmabatho airport
Mangalore airportMo I Rana Rossvoll airport
Manhattan airportMoab airport
Manihi airportMobile Municipal Arpt airport
Maniitsoq airportMogadishu airport
Manila Ninoy Aquino airportMohe airport
Maningrida airportMohenjodaro airport
Manistee airportMolde Aro airport
Manizales airportMoline airport
Manley Hot Springs airportMoma Airport airport
Mannheim airportMombasa airport
Manokotak airportMonastir airport
Manokwari airportMonbetsu airport
Manta airportMoncton airport
Manus Island airportMongomeyen airport
Manzanillo (Cuba) airportMonkey Bay airport
Manzanillo (Mexico) airportMonkey Mia airport
Manzhouli airportMonroe airport
Manzini airportMonrovia Roberts airport
Maple Bay airportMonrovia Sprigg Payne airport
Maputo airportMont Joli airport
Maqin airportMont Tremblant airport
Mar Del Plata airportMontego Bay airport
Mara Lodges airportMonteria airport
Maraba airportMonterrey Gen Mariano Escobedo airport
Maracaibo airportMontes Claros airport
Marau Sound airportMontevideo (Uruguay) airport
Mardin airportMontgomery Dannelly Fld airport
Mare airportMontpellier airport
Maribor airportMontreal Mirabel airport
Marie Galante airportMontreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport
Mariehamn airportMontreal St Hubert airport
Marion (United States) airportMontrose airport
Markovo airportMontserrat airport
Maroantsetra airportMonywa airport
Marquette airportMoorea airport
Marrakech Menara airportMoosonee airport
Marsa Allam airportMoranbah airport
Marseille airportMora-Siljan airport
Marsh Harbour airportMoree airport
Marshall (United States) airportMorelia airport
Martha's Vineyard airportMorgantown airport
Martinsburg (United States) airportMornington airport
Marudi airportMoro airport
Mary airportMoron (Mongolia) airport
Masamba airportMorondava airport
Masbate airportMoroni Prince Said Ibrahim In airport
Maseru airportMorotai Island airport
Mashhad airportMorrisville-Stowe airport
Mason City airportMoruroa Atoll airport
Massena airportMoruya airport
Masset airportMoscow Domodedovo airport
Mataiva airportMoscow Sheremetyevo airport
Matak airportMoscow Vnukovo airport
Matamoros airportMoser Bay airport
Matsu airportMosjoen Kjaerstad airport
Matsumoto airportMostar airport
Matsuyama airportMosul airport
Maturin airportMota Lava airport
Maui Kahului airportMount Gambier airport
Maulmyine airportMount Hagen airport
Maumere airportMount Isa airport
Maun airportMount Magnet airport
Maupiti airportMountain Village airport
Mauritius airportMpacha airport
Mayaguana airportMtwara airport
Mayaguez airportMuara Teweh airport
Mazar-I-Sharif airportMudanjiang airport
Mazatlan airportMukah airport
Mbeya airportMulatupo airport
Mbuji Mayi airportMulhouse airport
Mcallen airportMultan airport
Mcarthur River airportMulu airport
McClellan-Palomar airportMumbai airport
Mccook airportMunda airport
Mcgrath airportMunich airport
Medan airportMunster Osnabruck airport
Medan Kuala Namu airportMurcia airport
Medellin Enrique Olaya Herrera airportMurmansk airport
Medellin Jose Maria Cordova airportMurray Island airport
Medford (United States) airportMus airport
Medicine Hat airportMuscat airport
Meekatharra airportMuscle Shoals airport
Mehamn airportMuskegon airport
Mehrabad International Airport airportMuskrat Dam airport
Meixian airportMusoma airport
Mekoryuk airportMvuu Camp airport
Melbourne airportMwanza airport
Melbourne Avalon airportMyeik airport
Melbourne Essendon airportMyitkyina airport
Melbourne Tullamarine airportMykonos airport
Melilla airportMyrtle Beach AFB airport
Memanbetsu airportMys Kamennyy airport
Memmingen Allgäu airportMytilene airport
Memphis International airportMzuzu airport