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Travel agents, airlines and fair fares

How we offer unbiased flight search and show you prices from airlines and travel agents so you can see all your flight options.

Here at Skyscanner we’ve always prided ourselves on showing flight prices that are accurate and trusted. As the world’s leading travel search engine, our role is to ensure those travel options are totally unbiased and comprehensive.

We show prices from airlines and travel agents so you can compare all your options and book the flights that are best for you. We have the highest number of airline and travel agency partnerships globally, more than any other search company, which enables us to give you the best global flight coverage, wherever you want to go.

We take your opinions of our product very seriously, and recently we learned that some of you weren’t having the experience you expected when you went to book a flight on one of our partner’s websites. We received some reports of very high credit card fees and unexpected charges being added at the end of the booking.

We want to be sure that partners we show on Skyscanner are giving you a fair booking process so we have implemented a set of standards and checks. We have a dedicated team of people who are responsible for, amongst other things, checking the price accuracy of our partners as well as picking up any other issues which may affect the consumer, such as pre-selected optional extras or excessive credit card fees. This team uses a variety of methods in checking our partners’ compliance, including an automated price accuracy monitor. We also perform manual testing on partners where an issue is flagged. Any agent found not to be adhering to our standards will no longer participate on Skyscanner.

We make our money from the airlines and travel agents who thank us for sending customers to their sites by paying us a referral fee. This doesn’t affect the price you pay; as a search engine we simply find you the best options and you make your booking directly with the airline or travel agent, so there’s no middle man and you always get the best choice.

The reason why we show both airline and travel agent prices is because it’s our fundamental belief that everyone should benefit from an totally unbiased search engine with not only the best coverage of routes but also stringent quality standards, giving you the confidence that there’s no better place to find your flights.

Gareth Williams, Skyscanner CEO

Gareth Williams,, Product