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Skyscanner’s Gender Pay Report 2019

In early 2020, we launched a refresh of  Skyscanner’s values. One in particular resonated: ‘we treat everyone with empathy, respect and care – always’. We believe everyone should be paid fairly for the work they do, because it’s the right and equitable thing to do.

While Gender Pay reporting is not mandated in the UK this year, we’ve chosen to share our statistics because we believe it’s important to be transparent in our endeavours as we work towards a more equal workplace.

Our 2019 UK gender pay gap is 15.3% (mean) and 24.9% (median). 86% of women receive a bonus and 89% of men. We’ve shared a detailed breakdown of our data and actions in this report, which you can find here.

Our gender pay gap is largely driven by two key demographic factors. We have more people in our business who identify as male. We also have more people who identify as male in our engineering  function, where high demand for engineering  expertise equates to more competitive market  rates for salaries. When we look at men and women performing the same roles on a global basis, there is on average under a 1% difference in pay.

While these demographics are a challenge typical of internet economy businesses, we’re actively working to address the number of women in our engineering teams, in addition to ensuring we’re an inclusive workplace. These activities span across hiring, support for our employees and support for our communities. You can read more in our report.

Finally, as we seek to dedicate more time and resource to building a diverse team, in early 2020, we put in place a Diversity and Inclusion Lead to help accelerate our work.

We recognise that we have a journey ahead of us in terms of creating long-term change. But by the same token, we’re a travel technology company: journeys and innovation are our bread and butter. One of our internal mantras here at Skyscanner is: ‘we can, we should, we will’. We hope that, with concentrated effort, we can and will significantly move the needle in making our gender demographics more reflective of society.

Our full UK 2019 Gender Pay Report can be found here.