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Skyscanner’s Gender Pay Report 2018

At Skyscanner, journeys occupy our days: from the journeys travellers who use us are planning to the journey we’re on as a business in making travel search simple. When it comes to the gender pay gap, this too presents a journey for us. We’ve shared a detailed breakdown of our data and full gender pay report here. Our headline figures for 2018, based upon April 2018 payroll figures, are as follows:

•    Our mean gender pay gap is 15% (a reduction from 18.7%)

•    Our median gender pay gap is 25.3% (a reduction from 26.4%)

•    Our mean bonus gender pay gap is 3.6% (a reduction from 14.6%)

•    Our median bonus gap is 8.4% (a reduction from 18.2%)

•    At a quartile level, we have close to parity in our lower quartile, with some small improvements in our lower middle and upper quarterlies. Our upper middle quartile has seen a 1% deterioration when looking at 2018 data vs 2017

While there are nuances to all data sets, one thing is clear: we have significantly more employees who identify as men than women in our teams. This is especially apparent in our engineering function, where roles typically drive higher market rates of pay due to the demand for their expertise. Our gender pay gap is in large part due to the demographics of our business, and that’s something we’re working to address.

At Skyscanner we are committed to the principle of equal pay for equal work for our employees. We are confident that men and women performing similar roles are paid fairly and consistently. We’re also pleased to say that the mean and median overall gender pay and bonus gender pay gaps have reduced at Skyscanner. However, the fact remains that we’re at the very beginning of this particular journey and we have room to improve.

Like all good journeys, preparation is key. We’ve started to build the foundations we believe will bring about change, with a focus on attracting, supporting and promoting people both within Skyscanner and across our communities.

Last year this involved things like the use of inclusive language in job adverts, diverse interview pods, unconscious bias training, inclusion events and support groups as well as backing charitable programmes that seek to increase diversity in tech. This year we’re adding a number of further initiatives and changes to our efforts. We recently expanded our family leave benefits, for example. Additionally, one of our goals in the next 12 months is to increase the diversity within our leadership roles, which we believe will positively impact a number of these quartiles. You can read more on our action points for this year in the full report .

We recognise this is not easy, but believe true change won’t happen with quick-fix wins. And while the technology sector is fast-paced and ever-evolving, it’s fair to say that it’s not the most diverse of spaces. But it is a place where passion and innovation thrives, so we’re hopeful that, given time and concentrated effort, our gender demographics will become more reflective of society as a whole.

We’re excited for the journey.

Ruth Chandler, Chief People Officer

Bryan Dove, Chief Executive Officer