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Skyscanner teams up with Google to launch Now card

Instant price alerts with Google Now cards

Android users around the world can now benefit from instant price alerts for their next flight with the release of our Skyscanner Now card for Google. Now cards, information boxes which come up in the Google app, can give you the right information at exactly the right time.

Our Now card lets people monitor when flight prices rise and fall on a selected route, to help travellers make better decisions on when to book their flight. It’s available globally in over 30 languages.

Once the Skyscanner flight app is downloaded on a phone or tablet, the user can simply select their preferred flight route or routes to automatically get price notifications on their dashboard or by email if preferred. Another useful feature of the price alert Card is that it shows at a glance how much the price has changed since the original search was set up.

We know that our online price alerts feature is incredibly popular and this partnership with Google enables us to give people an alternative way to access our price alerts through the Google app on Android.

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