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company news Skyscanner joins SkyNRG’s Board Now programme

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Skyscanner joins SkyNRG’s Board Now programme

Skyscanner announces support of new production facility for Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Europe

Skyscanner is proud to be a founding member of SkyNRG’s Board Now programme, which was launched today in Amsterdam.

As a member of the Board Now programme, we’ll be committing to reducing our own business air travel emissions while also contributing to the development of a new production facility for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Europe.

Our mission is to lead the global transformation towards modern and sustainable travel. We believe that supporting development into new technologies, such as sustainable aviation fuel, will enable travellers to continue to explore our planet while protecting it for future generations.

The Board Now programme is an exciting step in that journey. The 5-year programme allows Skyscanner to contribute directly to the development of the sustainable aviation fuel industry and our investment will be used by SkyNRG to cover the price difference between SAF and conventional jet fuel.

SkyNRG’s SAF is made from waste oils, like used cooking oil. The European plant, located in Delfzijl, will produce 100,000 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel annually: a CO2 reduction of over 270,000 tons a year for the aviation industry. This SAF will account for a CO2 reduction of at least 85% compared to conventional jet fuel. Additionally, the use of SAF will also contribute to a significant decrease in ultra-fine particles and sulphur emissions.

More information on Board Now can be found here. Skyscanner is also a founding member of Travalyst, a global partnership with the aim of transforming the future of travel for everyone.