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Making change happen

Skyscanner’s mission is to lead the transformation to modern and sustainable travel. The events of the past few months have underscored the importance of this mission, both in how we frame it and how we commit to it.  

While our mission is rooted in a desire for change, it is evident that we are not moving this change fast enough, as a business and as a society. One month ago, we committed to being part of the movement for racial equality, standing against racism and committing to combat prejudice. We shared this commitment via a statement on our social channels and opened up our social platforms to share the stories of under-represented voices to build greater empathy and respect.  

But a commitment to change is not enough. How we commit to ensuring that the world we seek to explore and experience is inclusive and fair is critical to making this change happen. At Skyscanner, we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency, and so wanted to share this commitment with our community, holding both our organisation and ourselves to account.

We will ensure that our company is as diverse as the world we seek to explore: 

Empowering Employee Networks 

To date we have several active employee networks within Skyscanner to ensure we amplify under-represented voices and have an engaged focus on supporting employees of all identities. 

Building an inclusive business  

We commit to continue to promote career opportunities with Skyscanner as broadly as possible, review and challenge any potential for bias in our hiring process, and strive for inclusive language in recruitment communications. 

Educate and inform  

Collaboration internally and externally to learn and to ensure that all aspects of our organisation are championing inclusivity in their fields and considering all aspects of our audience’s needs.  

We will represent a world that is beautifully diverse and always strive for equality: 

Highlighting all of the world’s communities 

Travel in its very nature celebrates difference. It is our responsibility to ensure that we represent the diversity of the globe and give a voice to  underrepresented communities. 

Supporting sustainable recovery 

Covid-19 has amplified the pressing need for global society to work together for a sustainable and equal recovery for the world’s economies. We will work with our partners to ensure that we are serving travellers with information and choices that support a responsible global recovery.  

Amplifying voices 

We commit to transparency. Being honest, open and addressing some of the difficult truths of travel in order to continue to highlight where change is required. 

We will reflect our community, with inclusive representation at the forefront of our minds across all of our communications.  

Building for our global audience  

Our teams will strive to ensure that our product is designed with all audiences in mind. The world is home to everyone. The products designed to enable exploring it should be accessible to everyone too.  

We fundamentally believe that travel is a force for good. It opens our eyes and our minds, helping to challenge our perspectives and broaden our horizons. Skyscanner has a responsibility within society, as an employer, as brand and as part of the global economy to lead and contribute to the conversations that support this. This way, we will further the journey towards greater empathy and respect for all people, places and cultures.   

These past few months have also seen the world grappling with what it means to not be able to travel and the implications for humanity, we have seen Covid-19 magnify many of the inequalities in society and pose a significant challenge to our industry. This has only further highlighted the importance of our mission, the fundamental need for all of us to show up and recognise the role that every individual on the planet plays in the commitment to a better world. We will ensure that every interaction with our community, with our employees, with our partners and with the industry is seeking to create a better world for all of us: everyone in society.