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Car Hire in Al Fujairah

If you need to rent a car in Al Fujairah, you’ll find some of the best options along the northern "horn" of the city. While companies you may be familiar with, like Hertz, are present, many are locally owned rental companies. The selection is superb, with options ranging from limousines to traditional four-door family cars. Pickup trucks and off-road vehicles are also available.

Car Hire at Al Fujairah Airport

Fujairah International Airport (FJR) is the city's only airport, but you'll have no difficulty finding a car hire. Al Fujairah is already packed with car rental businesses, so having three on-site and more nearby is convenient. Safari Rent a Car, Fast Rent A Car and Autobahn Car Rental are likely the first hire car Al Fujairah companies you'll see. Al Fujairah city centre is also incredibly close by - a mere three minutes away by taking Al Ittihad Road.

Driving in Al Fujairah

Emiratis drive on the right side of the road, so take care when driving your car rental in Al Fujairah. While the speed limit averages out at roughly 60 mph, the country has a 10 mph buffer before you get ticketed for speeding. In the event of an accident, you must report it to local authorities no matter how small the accident was. Never leave an accident scene under any circumstances.

If you're looking for sights to see in Al Fujairah, check out Kalba Corniche Park. It's a great place to drive your car rental in Al Fujairah and relax after a long flight. It's close to the airport as well and should take about 15 minutes to get there by car. If you don't mind the scenic route, you can travel there through the Kalba Tunnel, which is itself an architectural attraction. If history is what you've come to see, rent a car in Al Fujairah and stop by Al-Bithnah Fort, which is about 25 minutes away from the airport.

Parking in Al Fujairah

Finding parking for your car rental in Al Fujairah can be challenging at times. It is best to plan to get to your destination as early as possible. This will help you avoid not only parking problems but also traffic headaches. For free parking spaces, look to shopping malls and metro transport stations.

Where to Go and What to See in Al Fujairah

Here are some suggestions on how to take full advantage of your stay at Al Fujairah. First, arrange to rent a car in Al Fujairah before you arrive. Next, visit the furthest destination from your hotel early in the day. Nearby attractions include Hatta Green Lake, Al Hayl Castle or Al Badiyah Mosque. Being early helps you avoid Al Fujairah's afternoon heat and gets you to your destination before the crowds. After that, work your way back to your hotel. If you find yourself in southern Al Fujairah, make sure to drive your hire car through the impressive Kalba Tunnel at least once.

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