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Car Hire in Daocheng County High atop the Hengduan Mountains, Daocheng County, China, is a beautiful and remote locale that can be reached mostly by 4x4 vehicles. Daocheng Yading Airport (DCY) has a few local car rental options without websites, or you can choose to drive from one of the larger cities, Zhongdian or Lijiang, which are located 160 and 310 miles away, respectively. In these larger cities, you will find major rental companies such as Hertz, Keddy, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Sixt, and Goldcar.

Car Hire at Daocheng County Airport Daocheng Yading Airport is a small airport located approximately 30 miles from Daocheng County. You can only fly here from the Diqing Shangri-La Airport (DIG) on a commuter-style plane. To hire a car for Daocheng County at the airport, you must arrange with one of the charter companies located off-site. The airport is too small to provide car rentals for Daocheng County. Individual car hires in Daocheng County are rare. Most guests use charter buses or hire a car for Daocheng County with a driver who is experienced in navigating the mountain roads. Almost all car hires in Daocheng County have automatic transmission.

Driving in Daocheng County If you rent a car in Daocheng County and have recently come from sea level, be prepared to combat some altitude sickness. This can make it uncomfortable to drive until your body settles to the change of atmosphere at an altitude of almost 13,000 feet. The roads in this area are narrow and wind through the mountains. Guardrails are uncommon at best, and drivers must be prepared to navigate roads with sheer drops. Driving is on the right side of the road, and your local driver's licence is recognized in China.

Parking in Daocheng County When you rent a car in Daocheng County, parking will not be a concern. Most of the sites in Daocheng County are popular travellers' locations. As a result, there are large, free parking lots where chartered cars can wait for their groups.

Where to Go and What to See in Daocheng County If you choose to rent a car, Daocheng County offers two main types of attractions . There are spectacular natural areas nestled high in the mountains as well as a number of ancient temples and other architectural wonders.

Natural features offer the opportunity for day hikes and vistas perfect for photography. These areas are abundant in the region and the best reason for car rental in Daocheng County. Mountains and scenic areas of special interest include the Aden Natural Scenic Area, Daocheng Three Holy Mountain, Haizi Mountain, Bang River and Sela Scenic Resort, Hell Canyon of Kasi, Rubuchaka Onsen, and Xianuo Duoji Mountain.

The region's temples and monasteries are as impressive as the mountains where they sit. Chonggu Temple is an 800-year-old Tibetan site that has had a continuous population of monks for the life of the buildings. A second Tibetan monastery, Benbo Temple, is larger but younger. A third example of this thousand-year-old tradition can be found in Langjiling Temple of Gongga. Be certain to bring a little cash for donations at each temple; while admission is free, the monks survive exclusively on donations.

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