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Car Hire in Miami

Car Hire in Miami

Miami is home to beautiful beaches and swimming spots as well as museums and other historical locations. For those who decide to rent a car in Miami, they will find convenient transportation to and from these attractions. Whether they choose to use franchises such as Avis and Alamo or local offerings, rentals are available in the city. Found near the airport, cars and trucks can be acquired by those looking to rent a car in Miami.

Car Hire at Miami Airport

The nearest airport to the city is Miami International Airport (MIA). For those who need a hire car in Miami once they land, all the car rental offices are nearby. They aren't located in the airport but can be found just east of it, in a large cluster. Some franchise services have offices there, such as Avis, Alamo, and Payless. However, if you're looking for a cheaper car rental in Miami, the local offices are ideal. Some local offerings in the same area are Miami Rent-a-Car and Miami Tame Rent-a-Car. To find a car hire in Miami, get on 21st street from Miad Circle and turn north on Miami Airport Station. There are a few hotels located nearby, but more are located downtown if you head east on the 836 highway.

Driving in Miami

Traffic is mild when travelling on Miami's various freeways. For most trips around the city, the longest delay you should expect is around 15 minutes. Once you've picked up your hire car at Miami International Airport, it's a fast drive to downtown. Accounting for light traffic, it should take around 20 minutes via the 948 to the 95 south. Downtown Miami is where you'll find many hotels, as well as plenty of nightclubs and bars. Traffic is at its peak when you're driving from downtown to Miami Beach, occasionally taking upwards of 30 minutes. Other than that, much of what Miami has to offer is congestion-free. This is what makes car hire in Miami so convenient.

Parking in Miami

Every destination in Miami is reachable by car, including the Miami Beach island. Because of this, there are many parking options available around every attraction. If you decided on car rental in Miami, you can park your car on the street or in a car park. These usually charge an hourly rate of £5, but you can get all day and overnight parking for around £20. If you choose to, the option is available to store your car at whatever hotel you decide to stay at. This way, you can rideshare or bus to your destination without worrying about traffic, parking or designated drivers.

Where to Go and What to See in Miami

For any traveller, the most popular destination is Miami Beach. It's a city off the east coast of Miami, divided into three beaches: North Beach, Midshore, and South Beach. It's a popular destination for college students during spring break and is terrific in the summer. Downtown is next to the beach, and it offers an array of attractions such as Blackbird Ordinary and IVY Nightclub.

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