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Car Hire in Karshi

Car Hire in Karshi

Karshi, a populous city in Uzbekistan, is one of the most beautiful mountainous cities in the world. Hire a car in Karshi to take you to the Oriental city's abundant historic destinations or traveller sites. You will find companies offering a car hire in Karshi right at the airport. These include Hertz, Avis, National Car Rental, Alamo, and other international providers. There is a wide array of vehicles to choose from, like compact models, convertibles, SUVs, vans, and 4X4 trucks, making it easy to choose the car rental in Karshi that best fits your needs. Car hire can be arranged through Skyscanner before you travel.

Car Hire at Karshi Airport

Karshi South International Airport (KSQ) is located in the southwest area of the city and grants access to the main highways that lead into the heart of the city. You can often get a car hire in Karshi at a special rate during low seasons as there isn’t a high demand for airplane tickets. Many companies offering a car rental in Karshi are found downtown.

Driving in Karshi

You should rent a car in Karshi to save on taxi fare, as taxis are not regulated. A rental car also grants you greater freedom to move around. You will find that most of the intercity roads -- including those in shopping districts, most developed neighbourhoods, and museums -- are paved while roads on the outskirts of the city are dirt roads. Traffic tends to become congested during specific times of the day, particularly during school and work dismissal. Speed limits are higher on highways and ring roads and are loosely enforced; on the other hand, drivers are required to wear seat belts at all times.

Parking in Karshi

It may be easier to park your car rental at a distance and travel on foot to your destination. Parking tends to be an issue in the more urban areas of the city. There is paid parking at select locations in Karshi, with prices differing by location. After you hire a car in Karshi, you can pay for long-term parking or park by the hour and travel the busy streets on foot. Alternatively, you can rent a car in Karshi and then call the airport to reserve parking nearby.

Where to Go and What to See

Karshi is famous for its woven rugs and classic architecture. The art pieces are handmade by talented locals and sold in the outdoor markets. If you are passionate about history, take a sightseeing trip to the Er-Kurgan ancient settlement. If you take a car rental in Karshi to the Kashka Darya River, you can enjoy a morning stroll along the riverside or take in the area's natural lakes and lush gardens. If you are a student of architecture, you could also visit Kurgancha Mosque, the Kok Gumbaz Mosque or the Khoja Abdul Aziz Madrassah, all of which are treasured as local historical sights. The Khoja Abdul Aziz Madrassah also houses a regional museum, providing even more chances to learn about the local culture.

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