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Car Hire in Ipoh

Car Hire in Ipoh

Ipoh is the third-largest city in Malaysia and home to famous white coffee. Whether visiting Ipoh for leisure or business, there are many adventures awaiting when you chose to hire a car in Ipoh. After you rent a car in Ipoh, driving through the hills of Ipoh and the surrounding Kinta region is a rewarding experience for any traveller.

Car Hire at Ipoh Sultan Azlan Shah Airport

When traveling in Malaysia, the preferred way to explore the city of Ipoh is by car. Options for car rental in Ipoh are very close to the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (IPH). Agencies within the airport itself let you rent a car in Ipoh safely and efficiently. Larger rental agencies, like Falken and Thrifty, have shuttles to take arriving customers directly from baggage pickup to the rental agency. From the airport area, it is a very quick trip north along Highway 1 or A184 to the centre of Ipoh.

Driving in Ipoh

The laws and rules of the road in Ipoh are very similar to the international standard. As Malaysia was once a British colony, drivers drive on the left side of the roadway and sit on the right side of the vehicle. Traffic lights follow the usual Green-Yellow-Red sequence, and speed limits and other signs are in kilometres.

Once in Ipoh, you can explore the Ipoh Mural Art Trail. This series of renowned street art follows a path around the city that can be viewed from the car. Information centres and hotels can provide brochure maps highlighting the trail stops and history of some of the works. Hire a car in Ipoh to enjoy the colourful streets that feature buildings with bright rooftops, lamps and natural greenery.

Parking in Ipoh

The city of Ipoh does a great job managing and regulating parking centres. Parking meters are not common, but the city utilises an innovative parking coupon system. Drivers can purchase coupons from various licensed businesses and simply scratch off the appropriate date and time. Most hotels and restaurants offer free parking for your car rental in Ipoh.

Where to Go and What to See in Ipoh

Ipoh is a city steeped in history. The heritage of the city as a home to several temples and other spiritual sites is evident. There are four major temples just within a 10-minute drive of the centre of Ipoh. These sites are visited by travellers and offer many options for food and shopping nearby, so you can park near the temple and wander on foot to explore.

Gunung Lang Recreational Park, where you can see beautiful gardens and a lake, is also located 10 minutes from the city centre. When you're finished exploring Ipoh's natural beauty, you can visit one of the city's art galleries and museums. The Old Town district of Ipoh is known for street art as well as its many galleries. You can learn about the history of Ipoh and how its rich supply of tin metal turned it into a trade rich city and one of the largest cities in all of Malaysia.

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