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Car Hire in Gunungsitoli

Car Hire in Gunungsitoli

Gunungsitoli is the capital city of Nias Regency, a province in northern Sumatra. This makes it the centre of administration and business affairs. For this reason, it has a thriving centre on par in certain respects with that of some of the larger economic centres in the region. The airport is Gunung Sitoli Binaka Airport (GNS). Although the city is in the process of modernising, you should still be able to arrange to rent a car in Gunungsitoli through your hotel .

Car Hire at Gunungsitoli Airport

You can reach Nias Islands easily by air. There are five to six flights daily from Medan to Gunungsitoli. The total flight time is about 55 minutes. Be aware, though, that at this time, you cannot hire a car at Gunungsitoli Airport. It is a very small airport with limited commercial facilities. If you wish to arrange car rental in Gunungsitoli, you will need to make special arrangements. Keep in mind that the airport is located at one end of this long, narrow coastal city. It is a good idea to arrange to get picked up or to have a car delivered to the airport. Taxicabs are plentiful here and reasonable in price.

Driving in Gunungsitoli

If you rent a car for Gunungsitoli, be aware that you will need to drive on the left side of the road. The city is coastal and spreads itself along 12 miles of beachfront. The island of Pulau Nias, where the city is located, is known for a wide network of beautiful, remote beaches and excellent surfing. You can find a wide variety of surf camps and resorts on the outskirts of the city. One thing to be aware of before you start driving is that some of the roads that cut across the island are unpaved and overgrown.

Parking in Gunungsitoli

If you do arrange to hire a car in Gunungsitoli, you should not have trouble finding parking. The city is fairly spread out, and many locals get around on foot. Thus, traffic and parking are not on par with what you would see in a bigger city. There should be parking spaces available.

Where to Go and What to See in Gunungsitoli

The geographic isolation of the island from the rest of the country has created a unique culture. You can still find megalithic cultures here, a rarity in the world today. The island is best known for its festivals and celebrations. Getting a car hire for Gunungsitoli will allow you to explore at your leisure.

For many travellers, Gunungsitoli serves as merely an entrance and exit point to Nias Island. This makes car rental in Gunungsitoli attractive as an opportunity to explore the island. Many visitors are drawn to the city for its excellent museum, the Nias Heritage Museum (Museum Pusaka Nias). Its main collection includes more than 5,000 artefacts of local indigenous culture, such as weaponry, ceremonial items, and household objects. It is an award-winning museum, recognised for its conservation of cultural heritage. The city is also famous for its fresh, reasonably priced seafood.

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