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Car Hire in Goodnews Bay

Car Hire in Goodnews Bay

If you're looking to rent a car in Goodnews Bay, you may have to get creative with your transportation. The bay is located in a region of Southwest Alaska that is accessible only by air or by sea. Though there are a few cars owned by residents in this region, they must be shipped in, and there isn't a company that will allow you to hire a car in Goodnews Bay. Ride sharing is more common than car rental in Goodnews Bay. However, you can rent a car in Goodnews Bay if it comes with a fishing guide.

Car Hire at Goodnews Bay Airport

Because Goodnews Airport (GNU) is so small, there aren’t any car rental locations at the facility. You can arrive by either air or by sea, and you will find the community is small and friendly. Though you can't rent a car in Goodnews Bay, you'll quickly find that you don't need to. If you are staying in one of the fishing resorts, the staff will come and pick you up from the airstrip by boat or van.

Driving in Goodnews Bay

There are only a small number of roads in Goodnews Bay, clustered mostly around the waterfront. Driving involves unpaved roads that are typically muddy or icy. The entire area is walkable in under an hour, which makes it unnecessary for most people to rent a car in Goodnews Bay. However, if you need a car rental in Goodnews Bay due to accessibility issues, it is best to contact the local tourism board, as they can find appropriate ADA accommodations to meet your needs. There are some bush roads that can take you upstream to a few sites along the Goodnews River, which is world-famous for its King Salmon run. The town of Platinum sits a mere 19 miles away from Goodnews Bay, but there are no roads that connect the two towns, so visitors who want to visit there will need to make alternative transport arrangements.

Parking in Goodnews Bay

There are not many parking locations in Goodnews Bay. The population is simply too small to require it. That said, there are also very few parking regulations in the area. If you do hire a car in Goodnews Bay, you can park along the side of almost any road. This is bear country, so be certain that if you are leaving food in the car, it's protected in bear boxes.

Where to Go and What to See in Goodnews Bay

Those who don't arrive in Goodnews Bay by sea or by air may arrive by river. There is a popular canoe/kayak/rafting trip down the 400-mile Goodnews River that starts in Dillingham and travels 5 days to Goodnews Bay, located at the river's mouth.

There have been many excellent reviews written about the Hazen Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It is an excellent place to watch marine mammals like humpbacks and orcas from the shore and grizzlies and salmon by land. It makes for a perfect day trip.

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