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Car Hire in Aswan Daraw

Car Hire in Aswan Daraw

Aswan Daraw, or Aswan, is a city in southern Egypt. Nestled alongside the Nile river, Aswan is home to countless ancient ruins, and its markets host modern Egyptian goods. If you need to hire a car in Aswan Daraw, rental cars can be picked up at the airport. Local rental providers offer a wide range of options when you rent a car for Aswan Daraw. Vehicles range in style from high powered sports cars, efficient jeeps, luxury sedans to rugged all-terrain vehicles.

Car Hire at Aswan Daraw Airports

The nearest airport is Aswan International Airport (ASW), also known as Daraw Airport. Car rental for Aswan Daraw may be available from this government-operated airport, but reservations cannot be made in advance online. Call the airport to find out if a car will be available for you. If car rental in Aswan Daraw is a necessity, vehicles can be reserved online and picked up from the Hurghada International Airport (HRG), located a few hours away. Hurgahada International Airport is about a six-hour drive from Aswan Darrow. The route, which includes Safaga Road, Hurgahada Road, and Luxor Road, passes several toll booths before reaching Aswan proper.

Driving in Aswan Daraw

Keep in mind that when you hire a car in Aswan Daraw, you need to stay on the right-hand side of the road, as in the Americas. Driving in the Upper Egypt region is known to be peaceful and relaxing, but be on the lookout for pedestrians, carts, and livestock crossing the road, as Aswan is quite rural. That said, there are plenty of places worth driving to with your car hire in Aswan Daraw, including the legendary High Dam, the Temple of Horus at Edfu and the Mausoleum of Aga Khan located close to the Monastery of St Simeon on the west bank of the Nile. Remember to wear your most comfortable shoes, as these sites – and their parking lots – are extensive.

Parking in Aswan Daraw

When you rent a car in Aswan Daraw, you will notice that there are few parking regulations in Egypt. Paid parking consists of paying a local resident to park your car, valet style. Often, residents do not engage the parking break when on flat ground to allow others to physically push the car out of the way if needed. This is due in part to much of Aswan being rugged and rural. Even so, it is still better to rent a car in Aswan Daraw, as it is consistently the fastest method of transportation.

Where to Go and What to See in Aswan Daraw

Once you rent a car Aswan Daraw, there is an abundance of historic sites you will want to visit. If you drive your car down to the river, you can take a guided tour of Philae Island and its temple. Or, you could visit the Nubian Museum and Nubian Village to sample the rich cultural history.

If the beauty of nature excites you, plan a stop at the Aswan Botanical Garden. When your travels make you hungry, bring your car hire in Aswan Daraw to the 1902 Restaurant, which captures the mystique of Egypt in a grand, royal style.

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