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Car Hire in Arthur's Town

Car Hire in Arthur's Town

Car hire in Arthur's Town is a thriving business on Cat Island in The Bahamas. There are multiple local car rental services on this tiny, resort island. These include Charles Campbell's Car Rental, D&L Rentals, Gilbert's Inn & Car Rental, New Bight Car Rental, New Bight Service Station and Robert Bonamy's Car Rental. There are no car collection points located directly in Arthur's Town, but the island is just 150 square miles, so you can easily arrange to pick up a car rental for your Arthur's Town travel.

Car Hire at Arthur's Town Airport

There is limited taxi service available on the island, so it's strongly recommended that you rent a car for Arthur's Town trips. You can’t currently rent a car when you arrive at Arthur's Town Airport (ATC) as there are no car hire desks in the terminal. However, you can. You can book in advance and arrange for the car to be delivered to the airport.

Arthur's Town Airport is one of two airports serving Cat Island in The Bahamas. With only 143 residents, Arthur's Town is the second largest city on this island of 1,522 permanent residents. The other airport is New Bight Airport (TBI). It serves New Bight, a larger town and the local capital. However, Arthur's Town Airport is a larger facility.

When you have collected your car, you can make the short journey to Camperdown Beach or Port Royal Beach.

Driving in Arthur's Town

Driving in the Bahamas can be something of an adventure. The rental cars are typically American-made rentals, but the driving laws are generally British-style. Rental cars may have a steering wheel on either the left or the right side of the car, but you drive on the left side of the road. If you have an international driver's licence, it is valid for use for up to three months in the Bahamas. Roads on Cat Island can be narrow, winding and prone to flooding in low-lying areas.

Parking in Arthur's Town

You shouldn't have any problem finding parking anywhere on this sparsely populated island with its laid-back culture. If you hire a car for Arthur's Town travel, just use common sense and be respectful.

Where to Go and What to See in Arthur's Town

Both the island and the town have a rich history. Arthur's Town is the childhood home of Sidney Poitier. The island itself is said to have been named after the pirate Arthur Catt. It boasts one of the best climates in the Bahamas, plus rolling hills, lush flora and pristine beaches. It is also home to Mount Alvernia, the highest point in the Bahamas and the location of The Hermitage monastery. Like a number of other churches and cathedrals in the area, it was built by Father Jerome. You can also check out Devaux Mansion (ruins of a plantation house), local beauty spot The Cave and various small lakes and beautiful beaches. If you arrange car hire for Arthur's Town, you can easily reach anything on the island that you wish to see.

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