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Car Hire in Ahe

Car Hire in Ahe

Nestled in the King George Islands, all car rentals in Ahe needs to be privately arranged with one of the island's 500 residents. When the necessary arrangements are made, the car hire in Ahe can be delivered to you at the airport upon arrival. The range of available vehicles for your car hire in Ahe will vary.

Car Hire at Ahe Airport

An airstrip was established on Ahe in 1997. At one point, it was serviced by Air Tahiti. However, low demand changed the airline schedule. Now, the only way to fly into Ahe is via private charter. Ahe Airport (AHE) has limited capacity. There are no lights on the runway, so all flights must arrive during daylight hours. This is important to know so that you can make plans before you hire a car in Ahe.

A small building next to the airstrip would be the ideal place to meet the driver for your car rental in Ahe. Ahe Airport is located on the northeast side of the atoll. There are no official companies for renting a car in Ahe.

Driving in Ahe

You may find driving in Ahe to be tricky. There is a short, dirt road near the airport, but it does not extend very far. There are no bridges on this atoll, so your driving will be limited to the piece of land that includes the airport. There is one main break in the atoll that allows small boats into the middle. The rest of the breaks are shallow water but still too deep to drive through.

Because driving is infrequent in Ahe, there are no road signs or speed limits. You are advised to use appropriate caution when you rent a car in Ahe to avoid destroying any natural vegetation. Being a good guest is of the utmost importance in French Polynesian culture.

Once you arrive in Ahe, your options for activities include fishing and collecting coconuts. Beyond that, you will be able to relax on the beaches which surround you. Walking along the coastline is a wonderful way to meet the local people of Ahe. While the coral reefs are very fragile, the reef area makes for excellent diving.

There is no shopping in Ahe other than bartering with your neighbour for food they may have grown. You will need to make arrangements for any groceries or food you might need while in Ahe.

Parking in Ahe

All parking in Ahe is free. You can park near whichever home or beachfront you are visiting. There are no street lights on the island, so it is recommended that you only drive when the sun is up. This will mean making plans to drive back to your rental home before it gets dark.

Where to Go and What to See in Ahe

The island is about 4.6 square miles and can easily be traversed in a single day. If you go diving, you will be thrilled to find several varieties of sharks, leopard and manta rays, turtles, and barracudas.

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