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Car Hire in Aleppo

Ideally, you should hire a car in Aleppo with a local driver when visiting this ancient city. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and the second-largest city in Syria. Only the capital city of Damascus is larger. It is a Muslim country with substantial differences from Western culture. This includes dressing differently, having prayers five times a day and eating later in the day than is typical in the UK. Car rental in Aleppo is available, but Westerners are strongly encouraged to seek car hire in Aleppo that includes a local driver.

Car Hire at Aleppo Airport

Aleppo International Airport (ALP) is the city's only airport. Although it was closed for a time for repairs, in January 2017, a trial flight landed there as preparation before reopening it to the public. The airport boasts a modern terminal with a combination of Western and Islamic architecture. The airport has a capacity of up to 1.7 million passengers a year. Car rental in Aleppo is not currently available directly from the airport. You will need to make arrangements to collect a car in the city or meet your driver at the airport terminal.

Driving in Aleppo

If you are looking for a car to hire in Aleppo, you should look for one with a local driver. Many of the street signs are not in English, and this ancient city has unique driving challenges. Some adventurous travellers feel confident that if you stick to main roads with signs in English, you will be okay. But others feel that if you do not speak and read Arabic, this is potentially difficult. It’s important to avoid areas that may be closed to foreigners. For these reasons, it is not advisable to try to drive yourself around the city of Aleppo. You should also not walk there. For getting around in Aleppo, it is best to rent a car in Aleppo with a local driver who knows the terrain, the language, the culture, and the customs.

Parking in Aleppo

Public parking is limited in Aleppo. If you can find secure parking then there is the option of continuing your journey by using taxis and local minibuses, which are very popular modes of transportation. If you hire a local driver, they will be familiar with parking in Aleppo, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Where to Go and What to See in Aleppo

Some sections of the city still have streets full of people and well-stocked shops. You can also find trendy restaurants and cafés close to Aleppo Public Park. If you hire a car in Aleppo when travelling there, you can enjoy the government controlled parts of the city. Additionally, there are a great many beautiful, historic sites in this large, historic city. These include Aleppo Citadel, Old City, Saint Simon Citadel (Sam’an Citadel, Qalat Samaan), and the Dead City of Serjilla. If you enjoy seeing historic architecture, taking photos and learning about foreign history and culture, getting out and exploring Aleppo will make for a memorable trip.

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