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Car Hire from Zurich Airport

Car Hire at Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport (ZRH), also known as Kloten Airport, is the largest airport in Switzerland. Located 8 miles north of the city of Zurich, it has extensive ground transport links to all of Switzerland. You can easily find compact, mid-size and other vehicles through the 13 companies at the airport. The car hire centre is located on Level 1 in the Airport Centre. Hertz car rental in Zurich Airport and Enterprise car hire in Zurich Airport are among the available companies. Gather your vehicles from car hire Zurich Airport and compare options at the airport terminal. Pre-booking car hire at Zurich Airport can easily be done in conjunction with booking Zurich flights.

Driving With Car Hire From Zurich Airport

Switzerland has specific rules you must follow when using a Hertz car rental in Zurich Airport. Your headlights must be on at all times. In addition, you are required to stop for pedestrians in zebra crossings. Fines are substantial for speeding, so pay attention to posted speed limits. Typical speed limits are 50 mph on highways and rural roads and 75 mph on expressways and motorways.

Places to Visit by Car From Zurich Airport

Zurich city centre, with its many attractions, is only 18 minutes from the airport via the A51 roadway. One of the most popular attractions you can visit with your Enterprise car hire from Zurich airport is the FIFA Football Museum. Because Zurich is an old Roman city, you'll also find ruins to explore. The cuisine here is also wonderful, making Zurich perfect for a short city break. Another great place to visit is the town of Baden, about 20 minutes from the airport on the A51.

Parking in Zurich

City parking is a nuisance and on-street spaces are virtually impossible to find in the city centre. It's important to remember that many restricted areas require a permit and are reserved for long-term parking. Pay attention to what you need to do in parking lots with ticket machines. Sometimes, you must place the receipt on the dashboard of your Zurich Airport car hire while at other times you need to input your space number into the machine. Consider leaving your car in a Zurich hotel parking lot. Two city centre hotels with car parks are Swissotel Zurich and Hotel Krone Unterstrass. Check the hotels' specific policies for parking fees.

Car Hire At Zurich Airport With Skyscanner

When you need to arrange car hire at Zurich Airport, you can compare options at Skyscanner and find not only the most inexpensive rates but also peace of mind upon starting your holiday. You'll be relaxed after your average flight time from the U.K. of approximately 90 minutes. Upon arrival, you'll need to set your watch ahead one hour. German is spoken in this area of Switzerland, and the Swiss franc is used as currency.

When returning your Zurich Airport car hire just follow signs reading "Rental Car Return, P3." A BP petrol station is on airport grounds for topping up your tank before returning your car hire.

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