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Car Hire from Murcia Airport

Car Hire at Murcia Airport

While small, Murcia San-Javier Airport (MJV) is easy to navigate and conveniently located just 26 miles southeast of Murcia, Spain. When arriving in this small coastal community in southern Spain, a car hire from Murcia Airport is probably the easiest way to secure transportation. The picturesque hills and coastlines offer some amazing backdrops for driving enthusiasts. Since you can pick up your car hire from Murcia Airport in Spain directly from the terminal, the process is easy. Firefly car rental in Murcia is just one of the many on-site options. You can also get Europcar and Goldcar rentals. At this time, Avis car hire at Murcia Airport is not possible directly from the terminal. The closest Avis rental office is at the Murcia Train Station in downtown Murcia. Visitors seeking Avis car hire at Murcia Airport should consider one of the many taxi services available for transport to the train station.

Driving with Car Hire from Murcia Airport

You'll find the layout at Murcia Airport to be a simple, single-level format that directs travellers naturally to the baggage and transportation wings. The airport is adjacent to the primary road servicing the San Javier coast as well as other interior roadways leading directly to Murcia city. Since the local region is very mountainous with few intersections and junctions, route choices to any given destination are limited. For drivers unfamiliar with the area, it is advisable to opt for the GPS navigation options where available. Motorists drive on the right side of the road, and speed limits typically range around 25 to 50 mph.

Places to Visit by Car from Murcia Airport

Aside from the gorgeous landscapes along the 45-minute route from Murcia Airport to downtown Murcia, visitors can enjoy a multitude of historic and cultural landmarks in the region. The Cathedral Church of Saint Mary highlights the city centre with its romantic architecture. There are also art galleries and museums within the campus of the cathedral highlighting some of the key pieces from the region.

The city of Cartagena is less than 30 minutes southwest of the Murcia airport. This ancient Roman trade centre is one of the most culturally and historically significant sites in Spain. The varied, yet majestic, architecture reflects the significance this site holds in Roman, Spanish and Muslim history. Guests can also enjoy the natural splendour of southern Spain at one of several surrounding natural parks.

Parking in Murcia

Since Murcia is nestled in the hills of southern Spain, the city layout is full of winding roads that spider out across the town. Therefore, parking can be challenging when you're driving your Firefly car rental in Murcia. However, parking is usually available at each venue and attraction. For the most part, parking is free. Some hotels in Murcia that offer convenient parking include Hotel Agalia and Catalonia Conde de Floridablanca.

Car Hire at Murcia Airport with Skyscanner

Finding the right car hire from Murcia Airport in Spain is simple with Skyscanner. No matter what season you're travelling in, the Skyscanner search tool allows you to plan with the most recent and complete information. Your flight will take about two and half hours from the U.K. It's important to note that Murcia is one hour behind the U.K., and locals speak Spanish and use the euro.

Before you return your car hire from Murcia Airport, which is done simply by dropping it off at the terminal, you may need to top off your fuel. The closest petrol station to the airport is about three miles away on Avenida de la Libertad.

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