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Car Hire from Kuantan Airport

Car Hire from Kuantan Airport

Kuantan sits on Malaysia’s eastern coastline. It is the capital of Pahang, the country’s largest state, home to tropical jungles, sandy beaches and colonial history. Hiring a car from Kuantan Airport enables you to see more of this beautiful region and get off the beaten track to discover the real Malaysia.

Where to hire a car at Kuantan Airport

Avis and Hertz both have car hire offices based at Kuantan Airport. They can be found inside the terminal building, after you have passed through customs and the baggage reclaim area.

Petrol Stations near Kuantan Airport

If you hire a car with a full to full fuel policy you will need to ensure that you refuel the car before returning it. The nearest petrol station to Kuantan Airport is a Mobil garage. It’s around a 10 minute drive from the airport terminal and can be found on route 2 heading towards Kuantan. Alternatively, if you’re driving to or from the airport from the opposite direction, there’s a Shell petrol station on route 2 just before your turn off for the airport.

Driving around Kuantan Airport

From the airport, route 2 runs east towards Kuantan city centre and southwest towards Gambang and Temerloh. There’s also easy access to route 3 which travels north along the coast to Chukai Cukai and south through Pekan and Mersing all the way to the outskirts of Singapore.

Road conditions around Malaysia are generally very good and it’s fine to drive there with just your standard UK driving license. Cars drive on the left hand side of the road, as they do in the UK. Congestion is a common problem, particularly in towns and cities, and other drivers can tend towards being aggressive. Taking your time and keeping your cool is the best approach.

There are a number of toll roads across Malaysia. You can pay for tolls with Touch ‘n’ Go cards which you can buy and top up at toll kiosks and petrol stations.

Getting to your destination

Here are just a few destinations it’s easy to get to from Kuantan Airport when you have your own set of wheels:


The city of Kuantan isn’t a popular tourist destination meaning you get a real taste of Malaysian life in its bustling streets. Local beaches boast sandy coves, warm waters, water sports facilities and, in the case of Teluk Cempedak, its own resident monkeys. Around town, you’ll find impressive old colonial buildings, an esplanade along the river and a mini zoo which you can visit for free.

Kuantan city is around 25 minutes’ drive from Kuantan Airport, taking route 2 northeast. Roads around the city can be tricky to navigate so you’d do well to have a good map or a satellite navigation system to hand. Once you’re in the city centre you’ll find a good selection of places to park.


Chetaring is a laid back beach town, popular with surfers and artists. It’s located north of Kuantan and a world away from the busy city. Visitors can take surfing lessons, visit the local turtle sanctuary or see fireflies on a trip down the Chetaring River. Art classes run by local craftspeople are also available.

Cherating is around an hour’s drive from Kuantan Airport. Drivers should take route 3 northeast away from the airport and follow it up along the coast. The town is very small, with just a few roads meandering down to the beach so you’ll find it very hard to get lost.


Pekan is located south along the coast from Kuantan. The city is the royal seat of the Pahang Sultan and has a grand air about it. Visitors can wander its pretty boulevards, soak up the atmosphere in the city’s main square or marvel at its beautiful mosques. You’ll also find some great street food stalls and a rickety Old Town based along the banks of the river.

It takes around 40 minutes to drive from Kuantan Airport to Pekan, taking route 3 south. The city is relatively small but can be tricky to navigate. There are, however, a number of places where you can park the car and head off to explore on foot.

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