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Car Hire from Debrecen Airport

Car Hire at Debrecen Airport

This information is correct as of November 2015

Explore the Great Hungarian Plain and the country's second city with car hire at Debrecen Airport.

Where to hire a car at Debrecen Airport

Hertz is currently the only agency offering car hire at Debrecen Airport.

Petrol stations near Debrecen Airport

If you select a 'full to full' car rental agreement you will need to hand your car back with a full tank.

There's an MOL Toltoallomas petrol station just north of the airport on Mikepércsi Road, about five minutes drive away.

Driving around Debrecen Airport

The Mikepércsi Road dual carriageway passes the airport and leads into the city centre. The M35 motorway, which connects Debrecen to Budapest, is about 20 minutes drive from the airport. Traffic in Hungary drives on the right-hand side of the road.

Getting to your destination


Hungary's second city is famous for its protestant sites, and was once known as 'The Calvinist Rome'. The summer has plenty of lively street festivals, and the nightlife in the old town is fantastic year round.

It takes just over 10 minutes to drive into downtown Debrecen from the airport. There are six paid car parks in the city centre as well as seven free parking lots. Fees vary depending on the car park's location. Some garages offer free parking at weekends or on Sundays, and others have special deals: for example at Debrecen Plaza and the Kolcsey Kozpont underground garage the first hour of parking is free. Always check local signage before parking your hire car.


Although it's generally escaped attention from Brits the attractive squares, excellent spas and beautiful Sostofurdo salt lake have made Nyíregyháza a popular destination for Central European tourists.

It takes about 50 minutes to drive to Nyíregyháza in light traffic. Zoned parking is available in the city centre. Prices are well signposted, and you can either buy your ticket from a car park attendant, parking meter or from places indicated on the signs. Tickets need to be validated by marking the date and time: check this carefully as you don't want to risk a fine. There's a good range of underground and surface parking in the town, including Korzo underground parking garage, which offers free parking at weekends and on public holidays.


Infused with Jewish history and famous for its excellent flea market, this small town is another favourite with Central European tourists.

It takes about an hour and ten minutes to drive to Mátészalka in light traffic. Most of the accommodation in the area offers free private parking for guests. If you're planning on hiring a car it's a good idea to check this with your hotel before booking.

Prices subject to change

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