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Car Hire from Cluj-Napoca Airport

Car Hire from Cluj-Napoca Airport

Cluj-Napoca Airport offers exceptional access to Romania’s central regions. With medieval castles, historic cities and stunning scenery at every turn, there’s a rich variety of things to see and do. Hiring a car from Cluj-Napoca Airport, visitors can make the most of Romania’s excellent road network and discover some of Romania’s many hidden gems.

Where to hire a car at Cluj-Napoca Airport

PHP, Sixt, Hertz, Europcar, Avis and Rodna all have car hire desks at Cluj-Napoca Airport. They are located in the main terminal building arrivals hall, which is small and easy to navigate.

Petrol Stations near Cluj-Napoca Airport

Cars hired on a full to full fuel policy will need to be refuelled before returning it to avoid being charged by the car hire company.

The closest petrol station to Cluj-Napoca Airport is just two minutes’ drive away. It’s a Staati Petrom garage on the E576, turning right as you leave the airport.

Driving around Cluj-Napoca Airport

Cluj-Napoca Airport is connected by a number of local road routes, all of which are well-maintained and well signposted. From the airport, the E576 goes west towards Cluj-Napoca city and east to join routes 1N and 1C.

Driving in Romania is generally straight-forward. UK drivers have to remember to drive on the right. Also, when parking in the street, drivers should always park on the right, in the direction of traffic.

Getting to your destination

Cluj-Napoca is pretty centrally located. Romania is the 12th biggest country in Europe and it would take a couple of days’ leisurely driving to get down to the Black Sea coast. However, there’s lots to explore in the centre of the country too. Here are a few places it’s easy to reach with a hire car from Cluj-Napoca Airport.

Home to Romania’s largest student population and an annual film festival, Cluj-Napoca is a vibrant and creative place. The Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania gives visitors an insight Romania’s folk history and culture, while St Michael’s Church is a stunning example of 15th century gothic architecture. Throughout the city, there is plenty of historic architecture to enjoy along with bohemian cafes, independent bars and some excellent restaurants.

It’s around 15 minutes’ drive from Cluj-Napoca Airport to Cluj-Napoca city. Drivers should take the E576 west and follow signs to the centre.

There are a number of car parks in and around the city, some with cool shady spots for summer days. However, driving around Cluj-Napoca’s tricky one way systems can be disorienting. It’s usually best to park up on the outskirts of the city and either walk or catch public transport into the centre.

The medieval city of Brasov is teeming with picturesque gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture, along with fairy-tale style cottages and more utilitarian Soviet buildings. The Black Church, so named for its fire damaged walls, is a large gothic construction and one of the city’s main attractions. The city also offers easy access to dramatic Bran Castle, seated on top of a 200 foot high rock and inextricably associated with the myth of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Cluj-Napoca Airport to Brasov is a 4 hour, 270km drive, taking route 1N away from Cluj-Napoca airport and then connecting with the E60. Parking in the city centre is a little limited so you may be tempted to park further out and walk in to the Old Town.

Retezat National Park
Retezat is part of the Carpathian Mountain ridge. It’s Romania’s oldest national park, first established back in 1935. Visitors have a choice of lodge and chalet accommodation and the breath-taking scenery of the Retezat Mountains and glacial lakes to explore. There is plenty of scope for outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing. Abundant in wildlife, a trip to Retezat is also a chance to spot deer, wild boar and even bears.

Retezat National Park is around 3.5 hour drive from Cluj-Napoca Airport, taking route 1 southbound. There are a number of car parks in the foothills of the mountains where you leave your car for free.

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