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Car Hire from Bridgetown Airport

Car Hire from Bridgetown Airport

Barbados is an island paradise of idyllic beaches, laid back towns and a UNESCO World Heritage Site capital city. If you’re looking to escape the big resorts and discover this beautiful island for yourself, hiring a car from Bridgetown Airport is a great option. From the rugged eastern shores to the calmer reefs and spectacular sunsets of the west, there’s lots to explore.

Where to hire a car at Bridgetown Airport

There are two car hire companies operating at Bridgetown Airport. Drive-A-Matic and Stoutes Car Rental both have desks in the airport’s terminal building.

Petrol Stations near Bridgetown Airport

If you need to refuel your car prior to returning it due to a full to full fuel policy the nearest petrol station to Bridgetown Airport is located about five minutes’ drive away. It’s a Shell garage at Pilgrim Place, just off the Tom Adams Highway.

Driving around Bridgetown Airport

The Tom Adams Highway is the main route leading to and from the airport. It heads towards the Vauxhall area before changing into the Errol Barrow Highway and travelling towards Bridgetown centre. Smaller roads fan out from the airport towards the north and east of the island.

Cars drive on the left hand side of the road in Barbados. You’ll need to get a local temporary driving license in order to drive in Barbados. Usually car hire companies can help with this but it’s worth checking before booking in advance. Roads around the island are often in good but not excellent condition. You’ll need to watch out for pot holes and take extra care at night when many roads are unlit.

Getting to your destination

When you hire a car from Bridgetown Airport, you’ll find lots of great destinations nearby. Here are a few of them:


Bridgetown is Barbados’ biggest city and the capital of the island. It’s a lively place full of culture and history and recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can wander the vibrant port where fishing boats and luxury yachts bob side by side, visit one of the city’s many shopping malls and try delicious street food.

It takes around 25 minutes to get from Bridgetown Airport to Bridgetown city centre, taking the Tom Adams Highway and then the Errol Barrow Highway. A good map or a satellite navigation system would be useful for finding your way around Bridgetown’s road network but there is plenty of affordable parking available.

Colony Club Beach

Colony Club Beach is an idyllic sandy beach with plenty of facilities. Visitors can try their hand at jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking or catamaran sailing. Snorkelling is also a popular activity here, particularly by the reefs at the northern end of the beach where there is lots of amazing marine life to see.

Colony Club Beach is 35 minutes’ drive from Bridgetown Airport, taking the Tom Adams Highway, then the Errol Barrow Highway and then the Ronald Mapp Highway. It’s a very small place with just a few roads so it’s easy to find your way around.


Cattlewash sits on the island’s more rugged eastern coast. It’s a beach with dramatic scenery all around and fresh breezes from the sea. Visitors choose to bathe in rock pools rather than in the choppy sea and go beachcombing. This area is also popular with surfers and there are various spots along the coast with impressive waves.

It takes 35 minutes to reach Cattlewash from Bridgetown Airport, taking Highway 3 north and east. The Erny Bourne Highway is the main route through the small village and there are plenty of places to park.

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