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Our latest awards

Our award wins in the past month

The past few weeks have seen us accept a few more trophies to add to our already-groaning cabinet.

We’re honoured to have been awarded the following accolades in the past month:

Travolution Consumer Award: Best Flight Booking Website.

PWC UK Tech Awards 2015: winner, ‘best use of tech in the digital economy’ award. The award recognises a company that has harnessed the power of the digital technologies including mobile, social, cloud, Big Data and, of course, the underlying internet, to build or transform business models.

HR Network Scotland: winner, ‘Organisational Development Award of the Year’, in recognition of our commitment to employee development.

Travolution: Gareth Williams, CEO, winner, ‘World Travel Leaders Award, in recognition of creating one of the leading travel search companies.

Scottish Business Awards: winner, ‘Overall Scottish Company of the Year’ for outstanding performance.

As awards season starts to ramp up, we’re hopeful we’ll have a few more to add to this list by the time the year is out. Congrats to all.

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