Author: Tamara Hinson

11 of the best Christmas market city breaks for under £80

There’s nothing like a Christmas market to nurture that festive feeling. And the following cities aren’t just famous for their fantastic festive-themed extravaganzas; travel to any one of these gems and you’ll have plenty of Christmas cash left over, because it’s possible to get to every single one for under £80*.

Where to go on holiday for short-haul late summer sun in 2017

While we’re getting ready for autumn, summer is still in full swing during September and October in many European destinations, including Tenerife, Cyprus and Spain. So don’t panic if you’ve not had your dose of vitamin D yet, a late summer sun holiday is only a short flight away.

11 unmissable attractions in Mallorca

Cheap flights to Mallorca are easier to bag than ever before, thanks to recently-launched routes by British Airways and several other airlines. Here are Mallorca’s top attractions.

Why Luxor is the new Sharm el Sheikh

A holiday in Egypt is perfect if you’re looking for a cheap package deal, usually to Sharm el Sheikh. But this year, why not try something different but still stay within your budget? Give Luxor a look and discover the ancient Egyptian capital, the sun-soaked banks of the River Nile and the many important temples and archaeological sites nearby.

15 of the world’s best holiday souvenirs

Struggling to find the right souvenir? This year, ditch the magnets and opt for more unusual gifts from your nearest and dearest – whether it’s a tin of air from New York, or a weird a wonderful can of the beer you fell in love with on that Munich brewery tour.

Where to see the Southern Lights

So you’ve found the best spots from which to see the Northern Lights, but what about the Southern Lights? Just as beautiful but more elusive, this spectacular light show can only be seen from a few spots in the Southern Hemisphere. Here are favourite places to check out the Southern Lights.

Five mistakes you make when packing a suitcase

Packing for holidays is a fine art, whether it’s selecting the right suitcase for your cheap hen do weekend in Barcelona or working out what to pack for a round the world trip. But knowing what not to do is just as important, and we’ve come to the rescue with our guide to the most common packing mistakes.

Flying with an allergy: Travel advice and tips

Over 20 million people in the UK suffer from allergies, whether it be nut-related or not, and airlines’ allergy policies are being adapted to reflect this. If you’re due to fly and are keen to know more, here are our top tips for travelling with an allergy.

50 of the world’s most beautiful beaches: in pictures

Dreaming of summer and longing to park your bum on some sand? Here’s our selection of 50 of the most perfect beaches in the world, including beautiful spots in Bali, hidden coves in Cornwall and spectacular stretches of black sand in Hawaii.