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Author: Sam Baldwin

12 confessions of a private jet pilot

Our secret pilot reveals the inside story of life jetting A-list celebs around the world. From getting amorous at altitude, to the nitty gritty of pilot training and what their salary looks like, find out what it’s like to be a private pilot.

Life at Skyscanner Singapore: listening to the locals

Skyscanner may have been born in Scotland, but it’s long since spread across the seas. Sam Baldwin reports from our Singapore office…

An interview with Skyscanner’s CEO: Gareth Williams

Skyscanner CEO, Gareth Williams speaks about pirates, growing pains and being a successful web company, born in Edinburgh

An Interview with Rachel Evatt: Skyscanner Product Director

Skyscanner’s Product Director, Rachel Evatt speaks about product pains, women in the tech industry, and what really, really annoys her about travel.

Skyscanner acquires Fogg hotels and opens Barcelona office

Skyscanner opens new Barcelona base with the acquisition of Spanish hotel comparison site: Fogg

Graeme Obree Interview: 7 questions with The Flying Scotsman

As Graeme Obree prepares to break the human powered land speed record, he talks about his favourite cycle spots and strangest travel experiences

Hiring, Hand Luggage & Holiday Hell: an interview with Cathy Wilson

Skyscanner’s Director of Talent speaks about Saharan sandstorms, staying in brothels and the importance of preserving start-up culture

Scams and the City: why local gen is king in Beijing

Following the most frightening hour of his recent life, Sam Baldwin reflects on lessons learned on the streets of Beijing

Why life outside work matters: Mark Logan, Skyscanner COO interviewed

Chess wisdom, emotional CPU & why life outside work matters; Skyscanner COO, Mark Logan