Author: Lisa Venter

6 of the best travel gadgets of 2017

Once you’ve got your cheap flights from Skyscanner, you’ll have a little more to spend on a travel accessory or two. In this guide we look at the latest travel accessories for men and women, travel supplies and best travel gadgets to help you make the best of your next trip.

Everything you’ll need to pack for a holiday to Spain

Still got some time for some last minute shopping before your holiday to Spain? Use the money you saved by booking your flights using Skyscanner, and treat yourself to some fancy hand luggage or a time-saving packing gadget. See what items could take your Spanish holiday to the next level…

Suitcases you didn’t know you needed until now

If you’re looking for cheap suitcases or luggage that can make your life a little easier, then look no further than Skyscanner’s new suitcase recommendations for 2017. From Cabin Max to Modobags of the future, unzip all the information you need to upgrade your suitcase collection.

5 must-have luggage essentials for summer

You’ve sorted out your cheap flights and you have a bit of extra cash to give your travel kit a revamp. Here are some ideas for some essential summer luggage and travel bits and pieces.