Author: Catherine McGloin

Baby on board: Airline luggage allowances and charges for flying with babies

Booking your first family holiday or planning your baby’s first flight? There’s a lot to consider and it can be quite stressful. Different carriers have different rules, and a lot can depend on your chosen route. Let us help you organise your trip and answer some important questions, including: – How old does a baby need to be before they can fly?How much do airlines charge for an infant fare?What baby equipment can I check-in?

Hacks for how to holiday on hand luggage

Fed up with waiting for your luggage at the carousel, don’t want the added hassle of lugging heavy cases around, or even the prospect of unpacking it all at the end of your trip? Well… don’t worry we’ve pulled together our top tips for travelling with hand luggage to help you travel light.

15 of the best packing tips ever

Whether you’re packing for a weekend city break or a two week beach holiday, these are all of the tips you’ll ever need for stress-free packing. Take our advice, download our handy packing list and start your holiday happier!

A complete guide to 20 beautiful Greek islands

Need help choosing the best Greek islands for couples, family holidays, week-long parties or chilling out on the beach? We got you covered – here’s our guide to the most beautiful Greek islands and how to get there.

6 of the world’s most amazing natural wonders you can see in spring

To celebrate the start of spring here are 6 of the world’s most incredible natural wonders that you can see once the frost of winter has melted and summer is on your doorstep. Be inspired and check out these amazing sights.

How to survive a long-haul flight

Eight hours in a stuffy aircraft cabin might sound like your worst nightmare, but flying long-haul can be a dream with a little preparation and a few home comforts. Follow our 10 survival tips for long flights to emerge refreshed, relaxed and ready to start your holiday when you touch down…

How to get a flight upgrade: 10 ways to get bumped up to business

Throwing tantrums, chatting up check-in staff and putting on weight: we’ve got some industry insider tips from Skyscanner staff on how to bag an upgrade on your next flight. See you in first class!

Amazing places you won’t believe exist on Earth

Looking for a more unusual travel destination this year? Check out these photos of some unbelievably amazing places in the world; we challenge you to read on without reaching for your passport…

Top 9 best value short haul airlines

Is that cheap airfare really that cheap? What about baggage charges, seat allocation and on-board refreshments? Love that feeling that you have bagged yourself a bargain flight only to find out the price ramps up once you add on baggage charges and seat reservations? Well we have been busy looking at the top 10 value airlines for short haul destinations from the UK to work out who really can offer the best value.