Norwegian flights

Norwegian, is the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe, the second-largest airline in Scandinavia.

Norwegian serves Europe, North Africa and the Middle East for both business and leisure markets. Norwegian has also launched long-haul operations to North American and Asian destinations such as New York, Florida and California as well as Bangkok, Thailand.

Norwegian offers low cost options at a number of UK airports including Gatwick, for trips to Scandinavia and more traditional summer getaway options such as Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Croatia.

Why fly with Norwegian?

How to check in

Online check-in is not currently offered, but you can check in at one of the self-service kiosks at the airport. If you are flying with hand luggage within the Nordic countries or from the Nordic countries into Europe, you can pass through security without being checked using either your travel document or SMS ticket. This service is not available for flights to the UK or from Europe into the Nordic countries. For domestic flights, check-in opens 2 hours prior to departure and closes 30 minutes prior to departure. For international flights, depending on destination, check-in opens either 2 or 3 hours prior to departure and closes 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to departure. Passengers with special needs, and those who are travelling with oversized baggage should complete check-in at the counter at least 1 hour prior to the departure time.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

You can carry on one item of hand baggage (max 10kg - 55x40x23cm) in addition to one small personal item such as small handbag or laptop case, which fits under the seat in front of you. Checked baggage allowances are determined by the type of ticket purchased. If you want to add checked baggage after you have made a reservation, it must be done at least 25 hours prior to departure. Checked baggage can also be purchased at the airport on the day of travel but charges will be higher. Passengers, apart from low-fare passengers, can check-in 1 bag (max 20kg). Second bags or bags over the permitted weight incur an excess baggage charge.


With Norwegian you have the option to purchase a seat reservation to select your preferred seat at the time of booking or up to 25 hours before departure. If you do not purchase a seat reservation, your seat will be allocated at the airport on the day of travel. Seat reservations may not be available to/from all destinations. Seats with extra leg room can be purchased, but certain conditions apply and you must make your reservation via the contact centre. Norwegian flights use wide-body jets where the premium economy seats are reclining and 19” wide and narrow-body jets where seats are 17.2” wide and non-reclining.

Booking Fees

When a credit card is used to make a booking, a credit card fee will apply to cover the extra cost associated with credit card bookings. Bookings made with a debit card, a Bank Norwegian credit card or a Visa Dankort remains free of charge.

Meals, Snacks and Drinks

Norwegian’s Sky Café serves snacks and hot and cold drinks on all flights. A breakfast box and sweet and savoury snacks, with alcoholic and soft drinks and beverages are available to purchase. The most expensive items are the breakfast box with a hot drink and the Tapas box; both are £8.


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