Monarch Airlines was created on 5 June 1967 by former British Eagle International Airlines directors Bill Hodgson and Don Peacock. Based in Luton in London, Monarch began commercial airline operations on 5 April 1968 with a charter flight from Luton to Madrid.When the group was founded in 1967 it had just 146 staff; today this has grown to over 3,000. In those early days, Monarch had just two aircraft unlike today where they have around 32 of the world's most modern jet aircraft, each flying over six million people to over 100 destinations worldwide every year. Many airlines who were in business back in the '60s have long since disappeared, but Monarch has kept on flying.

Why Fly with Monarch Airlines

How to Check In

You can check-in online with Monarch up to 7 days before your flight departs and as late as 4 and a half hours before to departure. You must print your e-ticket and boarding pass if checking-in online. You can choose your preferred seats while checking-in online. If you only have hand luggage, yu are free to go straight to the departure gate. If you have bags to check-in then you must head for the fast bag drop desks to get your baggage checked in. If you want to check-in at the airport, it opens 2 hours before departure and 3 hours for long-haul flights and closes 40 minutes and 90 minutes before departure, respectively.

Baggage Allowance

As with all airlines, there are restrictions when it comes to how much baggage you are allowed to check-in or take on board the flight. Always check with the airline before you travel. For up to date information on baggage allowance and charges, go to the Emirates website.

Meals, Snacks and Drinks

There is no in-flight service on scheduled flights, though meals are available to buy, at a cost of £6.50. Passengers on charter services do get an in-flight meal provided. You can view the menu online as well as choose from a variety of options from vegetarian to gluten free.


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