Get the Skyscanner app for your Android phone, without any hassle!

Do you want to be able to find cheap flights fast and on the go using your Android device? Well, here’s Skyscanner’s free Android apps download guide to getting things started.

Whether you struggle to tell the difference between your Android device and your microwave, or you’re just a bit confused about where to find and download Android apps, let us point you in the right direction.

Firstly, you’ll need your Android device, then a half-decent internet connection. Once you’ve got those, open the Android marketplace, or go to Google Play, where you will find a whole selection of apps for your device. Secondly, try not to be distracted by any of the super-addictive games or tasty looking recipe apps!

Search for ‘Skyscanner – All Flights!’ and you can read all about the app’s exciting features, like sharing your trip details with friends or family via social media sites. Oh and of course, it’s free!

Hit ‘INSTALL’ and you’re Skyscanner Android app will immediately start downloading. Then you can open it and start browsing for flights anywhere in the world!

So whether you dream of bagging a bargain or jetting-off somewhere exotic, you can do it all in quick time from your Android device with the free Skyscanner app.

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