Half of single travellers wouldn't want to book flights abroad

Half of single travellers would prefer to stay at home rather than book a flight abroad because the travel industry is failing to meet their individual needs, according to the results of a new survey.

A poll by consultancy firm Foviance found that an increasing number of 31 to 45-year-old single travellers are refusing to fly because they cannot find a holiday that suits their needs.

The results revealed that 31 percent would rather stay at home because they have no-one to go away with, while 15 percent were not comfortable with the assumption that they were going away to find romance. A further ten percent said they didn't want to book a flight abroad because they were embarrassed to be single.

Commenting on the findings, Marty Carroll, consultancy director at Foviance, said that too many travel companies focused on selling their products and services rather than delivering on customer experiences.

"Once organisations start focusing on who their customers really are, what they love and hate, and what they are missing out on, real customer experiences can be created," he said.

A recent survey by the Daily Telegraph revealed that 92 percent of Brits refused to alter their travel plans despite the onset of the credit crunch.

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