Forget your toothbrush! British Airways offers cheap ‘day trip’ return fares for European city breaks.

Would you do a day trip to Rome? How about Munich?

FANCY A CHEAP CITY BREAK? British Airways has announced that it is offering ‘affordable day trip’ tickets to a number of European cities. So, you can fly to popular break destinations such as Dublin, Rome and Vienna, and back, on the same day.

The tickets are available for Saturdays and Sundays, so they’re great if you’re working all week and can’t afford to take a Friday off or a long weekend. If you’re pushed for time, you can have a mini-holiday and back to do the week’s food shop on a Sunday. Fly out in the morning, get there in time for a good lunch (al fresco?), have a wander round, see a few sights and get a taste of a new place, before returning home in the evening. Sounds good? You’ll certainly save on hotel bills.


Eternal flame: sunshine on Rome

There are a couple of catches: firstly, that the fares are only available from London Heathrow, so it’s not really that great a deal if you live in say, Belfast, or Sheffield. Also, the deal is for passengers travelling hand luggage only but this really shouldn’t be a problem, unless you planned to change for lunch and dinner, and bring back a case full of souvenirs. If you’re going for just a day, you won’t even need to pack your toothbrush.

BA’s return fares start at £79 to Dublin and Geneva, £89 to Rome and Edinburgh, and £99 to Vienna and Munich. The airline says it intend to roll out the fares to further European cities.

Would you do a city break day trip? Where would you go?

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