Hello world! Taiwanese carrier unleashes cute cat character-themed service on international routes.

Cabin crew dressed as cats? Duck and chicken in jelly for dinner? Speed puff jets?! Hello Kitty is coming to an aircraft near you.

A Taiwanese airline is set to send a Hello Kitty-themed plane to the USA this week. EVA Air, whose slogan is ‘sharing the world’, is sharing the Taiwanese love for the popular cartoon cat character with the rest of the world as it introduces its first Hello Kitty-themed aircraft to its service from Taipei to Los Angeles.

The Hello Kitty LA plane not only comes to America with a fuselage featuring white cats with bows on their heads, yellow squirrels and pink mice, it also comes with themed interior design, in-flight meals (down to HK-shaped cheese) and even cabin crew.

EVA has been bringing cheer to the air passengers of Asia since 2005 with its Hello Kitty-themed planes, adorned in images of the feel-good feline, and its friends. Last year it launched a further three liveried aircraft, as we reported, including Hello Kitty Happy Music. You can be seduced by this cheerful tuneage, as well exploring Kitty’s wonderful world of Magic Stars and Love Apples on EVA’s Hello Kitty website, but be warned: the ditties are inanely catchy, and there’s a lot of pink knocking around, which may offend.

The airline, which operates services on busy Asian routes such as Taipei to Tokyo, also links the Far East to a number of international destinations, including New York.


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