Australians look to book cheap flights to Bangkok

An increasing number of young people from Australia appear to be booking flights to Bangkok, figures from Contiki Holidays have revealed.

The findings of the company's Travel Trends Research Report show flights to Bangkok are the most popular among those aged between 18 and 35, with 45 percent planning to take a flight to Thailand's capital in the next couple of years.

Other locations cited in the survey include Ho Chi Minh City, which 32 per cent hope to visit, and Hanoi, the potential Asian cheap flights destination favoured by 23 per cent.

According to Contiki Holidays' managing director Tammy Marshall, there are a number of reasons why the region is popular among younger travellers.

"It has a high level of accessibility due to budget airlines and new routes regularly popping up and offers amazingly unique sights and cultural experiences unlike anywhere else in the world," she commented.

The Pacific Asia Travel Association recently urged the British government to review its decision to increase air passenger duty for people travelling to the region.

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