6 best places to find sun, sea and sand this winter on a small budget - all with flights under £100.

You don't have to be a celeb to jet off to the sun this winter. We bring you 10 lovely places that you can fly to for under £100. Let there be sun.

Of course, the further you fly (and the more you pay), the more likely you are of getting hot and sunny weather, but when it's minus five and snowing in ther UK, being warm enough to eating al fresco on the Costa del Sol or take a stroll on the beach in just a t-shirt in the Canaries is going to feel bloomin' great!

Boats moored in the harbour. Puerto Banus, Malaga, Spain

1. Malaga, Spain from £52

Average January high temperature: 17C*
Average daily sunshine hours in January: 8
Average monthly January rainfall 70mm

While the sun will have his hat on summer long (well, not at night, obviously), in southern Spain, you're not guaranteed beach weather in winter, BUT the Costa del Sol is your best bet for winter sun on mainland Europe, and a January average of 17 degrees isn't too shabby.

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Lanzarote beach

2. Lanzarote from £57

Temp: 20C
Sun hours: 6
Rainfall: 30mm

Lanzarote belongs to Spain, but lies a mere 70miles off the coast of West Africa, which explains why the island is well-placed for winter warmth. Its beaches are volcanic black, while the moon-like landscape of its interior is even more impressive.

View over Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

3. Gran Canaria from £60

Temp: 21C
Sun hours: 7
Rainfall: 26.6mm

With winter temperatures sneaking into the 20s, Gran Canaria is a good bet for winter warmth - and sea breezes, which is why windsurfers love the place. As well as massive breaker-washed beaches, the island is characterised by monumental sand dunes – close your eyes and you could be in the Sahara desert.

View of Santa Catalina beach and mountains with Tenerife island in the background, La Gomera island

4. Tenerife from £70

Temp: 18C
Sun hours: 8
Rainfall: 66mm

While Brits flock to Tenerife in summer for fun in the sun in busy resorts such as Playa de las Américas, the winter months are pleasantly quiet .. and warm. But not in February at the time of the Santa Cruz Canarval, when 24-hour partying is the order of the day, and night.

Mountains and ocean on northern coast of Madeira near Boaventura

5. Madeira from £83

Temp: 18C
Sun hours: 10
Rainfall: 110mm

A dot in the Atlantic Ocean 400km north of Tenerife, this Portugese island looks more tropical than European, with its jungle-like laurel forests straight out of Jurassic Park. That's where all that rain falls. With a daily average of 10 hours sunshine, you'll come home refreshed, refuelled, and with a tan to make your coleagues envious as hell.

Bognor Regis

6. Bognor Regis, England from £55

Temp: 8C
Sun hours: 4
Rainfall: 44mm

Not including the Channel Islands, bonnie Bognor is the officially(-ish) the sunniest place in the British Isles, with an average nearly 2000 hours of the shining stuff in a year. And it can proudly boast to have less than half the rainfall of Madeira. Statistics, eh!

Flight prices subject to change. Prices are correct at time of publication: 25 November 2013

*Source: Holiday Weather.com

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