Why Engineers Love Skyscanner

As a techy, why you should want to work for Skyscanner.


The Skyscanner platform serves millions of users each day, providing thousands of search results every second. The code you develop and test gets deployed quickly into our large, global cluster, enhancing the experience for each of those users.

At Skyscanner you use the latest web development tools and frameworks. The technology stack is varied. So there will be something for you whether you are at home programming .Net on Windows, client-side scripting in HTML/JavaScript, or working with Python and Linux. We use a mix of SQL and NoSQL technologies to handle the high volume and velocity of our data.

You are constantly learning at Skyscanner University and at our regular brown-bag tech talks. In return, you regularly share your knowledge with others, with opportunities to present your area of expertise and your side-projects to your peers. We are always looking for new ways to do things and new ways to change the market, so your skills will never go out of date.

You work in a supportive, informal, but engaged and driven team, where high code quality and comprehensive automated test suites are essential. You collaborate with people from all departments. You add value and truly own what you do.

What's it like to work here in our Engineering team?  Check out what they have to say below.

Technical Manager
Software Engineer
Senior Architect