Talent & Administration

We work with everyone in Skyscanner--and a few from outside--to sustain the unique spirit and attitude that makes this such a great place to work.

Providing the best travel search in the world is challenging, so the goal of the Talent Team is to make sure Skyscanner is a great place to work.

We look after all the employment support practicalities including:

  • The quality of the working environment in each of our offices
  • Recruitment and training
  • Staff benefits
  • Fun stuff like charity days and social events. 


We also manage the Talent Network, a network of people from within and outside of Skyscanner who share an interest in all things web.

Latest Jobs

  • 天巡 (Skyscanner中国) 是全球领先的旅游搜索网站,提供对一千多家航空公司的上百万条航线以及汽车租赁、酒店、度假地点和保险的即时在线比较。我们从事旅游行业已达 10 年,位于爱丁堡和新加坡办公室的员工来自 30 多个不同国家和地区。每月超过 2500 万游客通过我们的网站使用 25 种以上不同的语言查找航班.
  • Through the Skyscanner Talent Network, we support the sharing of ideas and solutions with like-minded professionals. You can join by following the link below or connecting with us via LinkedIn.