Sales & Business Development

The Sales and Business Development Team is tasked with generating revenue and establishing strategic partners for Skyscanner’s platforms.

In the main, this is achieved through direct partnerships with airlines, online travel agencies (OTAs) and affiliate programs. Significant revenue is also achieved via advertising and ancillary white label sites.
Our business development area focuses on forging relationships with significant players in the mobile communications sector.  In addition, there is a remit to maximise the value of our data through new distribution channels.
We strive to maintain strong relationships with all of our partners and are continually investigating new commercial opportunities.
The department is split into several areas of responsibility, Business Development Managers, Account Managers and our Display team which includes both Digital Display Managers and Executives as well as a Traffic Manager.
 Whilst there are individual responsibilities, there is a very strong team ethic.
Our main day-to-day tasks are include:
• Sourcing new partnerships from every corner of the globe
• Managing and improving current commercial deals
• Extend deals beyond national boundaries to genuine global opportunities
• Create successful advertising campaigns for a wealth of travel clients
• Analysing data to forecast sales and market trends
• Being innovative and entrepreneurial in the opportunities available for Skyscanner and our travel partners

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