Test Engineering

Forget the traditional image of testing. Today’s testing is multi-disciplined, fast moving, and utilises the latest technology. Do you enjoy testing, learning programming languages, and using web applications across different platforms? So do we!

In a company that prides itself on its inclusive approach to product development, your input will be valued from the outset in a collaborative and supportive culture.

Skyscanner is used in more than thirty languages and visited by tens of millions of users every month. Many of the projects our testers are involved in have never been done before, as we offer the market the latest product developments. There is great satisfaction to be derived from designing and building products to meet difficult technical challenges and offer value to our global user base.

The Skyscanner team continues to grow with our Test Engineering team being responsible for delivering an excellent and reliable product to our site visitors.

Do you like challenges and putting into practise your expertise?

We are looking for individuals with excellent communication skills, and the ability to think analytically while adapting to the changing needs of an Agile project environment.

We are interested in seeing a project demo, if you have one to show us. It is a great way of demonstrating your potential and allows us to get to know you.

Working at Skyscanner is a great way to expand your skill set where it counts, while being exposed to all areas of the business as part of your daily routine.

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