Product Management

The Product Team is the engine behind continual improvements to Skyscanner.

Whether it's creating entirely new products -- such as adding rail to our travel search -- or making usability enhancements to the existing product, the product team is driving those changes.

We’re a small, but energetic bunch, consisting of user interaction experts, product managers, graphic designers, and user satisfaction agents, and we listen closely to what our users want and translate that into a product vision and specific development requirements. 

There is no ‘typical’ routine for the Product Team, in fact, we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve Skyscanner. We do this by listening to feedback from our users, analysing user behaviour data, and running usability sessions.

When we’ve figured out what we want to do, we sit close to developers within project teams, helping to shape the output. Often this involves prototyping and specifying changes, and testing the outcome of development on a continual basis.

As a product or an enhancement nears completion, we’ll work more closely with the Marketing team to ensure our users find out about the good things we’ve developed.


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