The Architecture team at Skyscanner works with our CTO, Alistair Hann to set the technical strategy of the business and provides architectural guidance for the engineering and service management teams.

Members of the team work across the business with the product, commercial, and marketing teams in order to turn the company’s business vision into a tangible software roadmap.

Typical projects would cover areas such as multi-datacentre architecture, monitoring and reporting strategy, and technology selection/adoption as well as the development of new product features that cut across teams and platforms. These projects cover multiple systems and a significant proportion of the work involves capturing and understanding the business’ requirements for the system, development of technical designs, communicating the solution with non-technical colleagues, as well as enabling delivery of the project with the engineering and service management teams.

Ownership includes:

  • Design of major new systems and guidance for multi-team and business critical projects
  • Curating and evolving the technology platform – resilience, scaling, performance, operability, maintainability
  • Architectural Governance - technology selection, design patterns, etc.
  • Training and Development - sharing expertise on systems and best practice with new and junior staff

The team comprises generalists who work on a variety of projects, some of which cross multiple teams and also specialists in areas including mobile, data storage, internet delivery, and content management.

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