The Database Team develop and maintain data solutions to meet Skyscanner’s rapid success and growth. We meet this growth by equipping our highly skilled engineering staff with the latest and greatest tools and technologies.

There are no barriers and no stones go unturned. Your ideas are a must and we strive to ensure the best data solutions are implemented.

The database team do a variety of tasks such as database design, data modelling, efficient query writing, query tuning and optimisation, data access layer development, implementing SOA architecture, data auditing, performance troubleshooting, replication coding and administration, monitoring, alerting, deployment and configuration development, data mining, business intelligence, cube creation, ETL, caching, playing with new database technologies…to name a few!

We work with a lot of data and do amazing things to get it, store it and retrieve it.  Most importantly, we have a good time doing it in a fun, creative and relaxed environment.


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