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Luxurious resorts, world class diving, and the opportunity for some serious adventure have made Sharm el-Sheikh the most popular holiday destination in the Middle East. Loved by sun-worshippers, honeymooners, and avid divers, it’s no surprise that Sharm attracts over nine thousand British travellers each year.

It’s not all about relaxing in the sunshine and swimming in the sea, either. Most hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh also offer desert safaris and daytrips to the pyramids. If you like your pampering with a side order of adventure, Sharm el-Sheikh could be the perfect destination.

Understandably, the tourist infrastructure in Sharm el-Sheikh is excellent. There’s no shortage of hotels, resorts, and self catering apartments throughout Sharm’s five main districts. They all have different things to offer visitors.

Na’ama Bay

Lively Na’ama Bay is where you’ll find most of the hotels and nightlife in Sharm el-Sheikh. There are restaurants, bars, and nightclubs galore, with big international names setting up shop on the strip. The Ministry of Sound and Hard Rock Cafe both have outposts in Na’ama Bay, but if it’s local cuisine you’re after there are some smaller Bedouin style eateries too. During the day there are plenty of coffee shops and diving schools, as well as a bustling bazaar.

Sharm el Maya

The ‘original’ Sharm el-Sheikh, Sharm el Maya is the city’s Old Town. It’s not quite as lively as Na’ama Bay, but still has lots in the way of restaurants, bars, and shops. There’s a wide selection of chic hotels and high end resorts lining the sandy beach, as well as people selling spaces on glass bottom boat tours. The winding old market is a great place to practice your haggling and pick up some aromatic spices and souvenirs.

Nabq Bay

Hotels in Nabq Bay are ideal if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday. The area is less crowded than Na’ama Bay and Sharm el Maya, boasting a peaceful atmosphere and some seriously stunning scenery. The water is shallow and perfect for paddling, while the verdant National Park of Nabq is well worth a visit.

Ras Nasrani

Thanks to the beach’s designation as a protected area, Ras Nasrani is another great option for those who like a laid back holiday. Hotels in Ras Nasrani are known for being quite exclusive, although there are always deals to be found. The resort sits just north of Shark’s Bay, and is a popular spot with divers thanks to the beautiful underwater landscape.

Ras Um Sid

Ras Um Sid sits right on the southern outskirts of Sharm el Sheikh and is popular with scuba divers. Nightlife options are fairly lacking, although there are plenty of luxury hotels and resorts which offer evening entertainment.

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